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Welcome to Our School

The overriding aim of the school is to provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment within which every child can acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to be:

  • Responsible Citizens

  • Effective Contributors

  • Successful Learners

  • Confident Individuals


We want the children at Stenness Community School to:

  • be healthy, happy and resilient;

  • be literate and numerate;

  • to provide opportunities for children to be open minded, inquisitive, successful and be equipped to learn from their mistakes;  

  • be able to set and achieve realistic goals for themselves;

  • experience success and achieve aspirations;

  • show respect and care for themselves and others;

  • take an active role in the life of the school and the wider community;

  • understand Orkney’s unique location, culture and history to promote a sense of belonging; 

  • have an understanding and awareness of the wider world;

  • develop a variety of skills, seize the opportunities and to meet the demands of learning, life and work;

  • have the confidence, awareness and information needed to help them make positive future life choices;

  • to see learning in all contexts as fun and challenging.

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